The Half Day Diet is a relatively new weight loss program created by fitness author Nate Miyaki. But how does it work? And can it really help you lose weight? Let’s find out…

In recent years, weight loss programs have often minimised or even banned carbohydrates. Diets such as Atkins focus on restricting carbohydrates – particularly sugars and refined grains – in an attempt to reduce stubborn fat.

The problem with these types of diets, according to creator Nate Miyaki, is NOT that they don’t work. In fact, there is evidence to suggest they do. In Nate's eyes, the problem is that they are almost impossible to keep up in the long-term due to cravings, binge eating and even brain fog.

That’s why he created the diet – to allow people to enjoy tasty carbs while “tricking” their body into burning more fat*.

The current price for The Half Day diet is $29. This includes a variety of bonuses, such as Nate’s “Restaurant and Fast Food Survival Guide” along with the main handbook.

This price is only available direct from the Half Day Diet website though. Click this link to get the discount. Buying through that link also entitles you to a 60-day guarantee, so you can try it without any risk.

Now, let’s dive into the Half Day Diet review and see if it lives up to the hype…

What is the Half Day Diet?

In short, it's a hybrid of low-carb, intermittent fasting and paleo diets. It asks you to follow a strict low-carb/paleo diet during the day, but you are allowed to eat carbs with your evening meal.

As you probably know, a low carbohydrate diet limits foods such as refined sugars, bread and pasta and replaces them with protein or healthy fats.

Here’s a basic guideline according to most low-carb protocols:

  • Good Foods: Meats, dairy products, eggs, fish, natural fats and vegetables
  • Bad Foods: Starchy foods (bread, pasta and rice), starchy vegetables (potatoes and beans), sugar, fruits, soda

Low-carb diets are meant to work due to a hormone in your body called insulin. When you eat fewer carbohydrates, your body stabilises its blood sugar levels. This causes insulin levels to drop, allowing you to lose more weight (that’s the theory anyway).

There are various “levels” of low carb diets. Ketogenic diets are the most extreme. Moderate or liberal low-carb diets allow small portions of carbs throughout the day.

One of the attractive things about a low carbohydrate diet is that you don’t need to worry about counting calories. As long as you eat “good” foods, you can eat whenever you’re hungry and as much as you want.

The Program Aims to Solve Common Low-Carb Issues

The Half Day Diet handbook is a 204 page guide

There are some problems associated with low-carb diets though. The biggest is mental – it’s hard to never eat delicious starchy foods. Many people find they start to crave yummy carbs after a while, which can lead to bingeing on pizza and snacks.

Low carb diets can also lead to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, irritability and dizziness. These are usually temporary, but can cause many people to quit before they start to see results. A lack of carbohydrates in your diet can also reduce athletic performance and cause brain fog.

According to Nate Miyaki, the Half Day Diet solves many of these problems by focusing on the timing of when you eat carbs.

Instead of never eating carbs, you’re allowed to eat them in the evening while maintaining a paleo-style diet during the day. Nate says this helps avoid cravings and binges, while maintaining an effective metabolism.

In effect, you’re “tricking” your body into losing weight like it’s on a low carb diet, but while eating carbohydrates*. The key, according to Nate, is following a set of specific rules governing the type of carbs you eat and when you eat them. As you’ve probably guessed, these rules are explained in detail inside the program.

There are three pillars that make up the program:

  • Pillar #1 – Macro-Optimisation. The core of the program teaches you how to optimise your protein, carb and fat intake to maximise fat burning*. A variety of templates are included to help you work out when, what and how much to eat.
  • Pillar #2 – Customisation. Nate explains how to adapt the program to your body, tastes and lifestyle. This means the program can work for anyone - regardless of your goals.
  • Pillar #3 – Evolution. As you start to see your weight drop, you’ll need to change your diet if you want to continue getting results. This is why many people lose a lot of weight initially, then struggle to get rid of stubborn fat. The program makes this easy by providing a set of templates depending on your current lifestyle (these include “Sedentary,” “Beach Physique,” “Strength Training” and more).

Due to the name, there is a misconception that the Half Day Diet literally means eat whatever you want for half the day. This isn’t the case. The diet allows you to add carbs to your evening meal, but only at the right times.

What’s in the Package

The program is delivered in digital format, so you can read it on your computer or smartphone. As far as we’re aware, there is no option to receive it as a physical book.

Along with the main handbook you also get several bonuses. Here’s a list of what’s included:

  • Half Day Diet Handbook – the main guide is 204 pages containing everything you need to know about following the diet. There are five sections, including Nate’s story, some background on fat loss, a huge section about how to follow the diet and charts for adjusting it to your lifestyle.
  • Restaurant & Fast Survival Guide – this plan helps you pick healthy-yet-tasty meals at restaurants.
  • The Happy Hour Handbook – a short guide to enjoying a night of social drinking without ruining your diet.
  • Vegetarian Diet Ebook – if you want to follow the diet as a vegan or vegetarian, this ebook helps you do so.
  • The Holiday Fat Loss Manual – sometimes you know you’re going to eat too much of the wrong foods. This guide helps you get through Christmas or other holidays without feeling guilty or affecting your results.
  • The Flat Belly Platinum Club (30 days access) – like most weight loss programs, there’s also a members club. You get free access for 30 days to the club, which includes dieting tips, recipes and the Half Day Virtual Nutritionist software.

Considering the current discounted price is just $29, we think you get a lot for your cash. It's a shame there is no option for a physical book, but at least this saves on shipping costs.

Nate Miyaki is a body builder and creator of this diet program

Who is Nate Miyaki?

Nate Miyaki is a bodybuilder and nutrition expert from San Francisco. He developed the Half Day Diet after reading a study in Obesity Journal, and claims to have used it with success with a wide range of clients.

Who is it For?

According to Nate, the diet can be used by anyone who wants to lose weight. This is because the templates allow you to adapt it to your lifestyle and goals.

It isn’t a “magic pill” though. You need to follow the rules carefully and other an extended period if you want to see results. You’ll also need to be willing to make some adjustments to your diet – although these aren’t as extreme as a standard low-carb plan.

Should You Buy It?

There’s plenty to like about The Half Day diet. If you’re looking for a solid plan for losing weight* that doesn’t rely on crash dieting or completely changing your lifestyle, it could be a good choice.

Some positive things about the diet include:

  • You don’t need to have iron willpower to follow the program. You can still eat yummy carbs in the evening.
  • The main handbook includes programs and charts for a variety of different lifestyles and goals. This means you can use it regardless of your current body fat percentage, weight or activity levels.
  • It promotes a healthy lifestyle that focuses on long-term weight loss.
  • While exercise is important for health, you “can’t out-run a bad diet.” For this reason, the program focuses on food. Nate even says you can use it to lose weight* even if you don’t do any exercise.
  • The handbook provides in-depth and complete information about dieting. This includes the type of foods you can eat, when you can eat them and why the diet works*.
  • It also teaches you how to adapt the diet as you start to see progress, which helps to prevent plateaus.

Nate also clearly has some excellent credentials. According to his website, he’s been featured in publications such as Shape, Men’s Health and T-Nation. His website testimonials section shows a variety of transformation tales, including incredible weight loss from people who were morbidly obese. He’s also the author of the highly-rated “6-Pack Checklist” and “Samurai Diet.”

We do have doubts about the diet’s effectiveness though. There are currently no case studies or testimonials on the website, which is surprising for such a supposedly popular diet – especially as Nate claims he’s used the diet successfully with hundreds of clients. It’s also only been around since 2015, so its long-term success is difficult to judge.

The sales page also doesn’t enhance the diet’s image. With the classic “P.S., P.P.S” at the bottom of the page, it follows the template set out by many scammy products. The website also states that only 2000 copies will be sold at the current price, which doesn’t make sense for a digital product. This isn’t to say that the diet is a scam itself, but we think the website could do with an overhaul.

Other negative aspects of the program include:

  • Compared to the dieting section, there is very little information about exercising. If you want a program that provides a complete system for diet and exercise then this probably isn’t for you.
  • Unlike many dieting books, Nate doesn’t try too hard to motivate you. While this doesn’t affect the quality of the dieting plan, it may make it more difficult to follow.
  • There aren’t many recipes included with the book. You are taught how to calculate your macro-nutrients correctly, but finding recipes is up to you.
  • The handbook and bonuses are only available in digital format.

Fortunately, the diet comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This means you can try the program and see if you get results before deciding whether to ask for a refund.

The Bottom Line

The Half Day Diet is an intriguing concept. Who wouldn’t want to lose weight while still being able to eat carbs every evening? If you’re finding it hard to stick to a strict low-carb diet, Nate’s program could be a great choice.

We do, however, have reservations about recommending it. While Nate himself seems to have strong credentials, the program's website doesn’t include any case studies or even before/after photos. The website also uses scammy sales techniques, such as fake scarcity tactics and a lot of hype (without any references).

Even so, the depth of material provided plus the excellent bonuses mean that it’s still worth considering if you’re looking for an alternative to a strict low carb diet. The 60-day money back guarantee also means you can try it without any risk.

* Please remember that results vary for any weight loss program depending on the individual.

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